5 Simple Techniques For kuredu island resort

Flew with BA from Gatwick to Male after which onward via sea plane to the resort, checked in and produced our tips on how to our rooms.

Space Suggestion: Jacuzzi Beach front villas are beautiful with a great toilet and a very good location appropriate to the... See extra place tips

If it’s your first pay a visit to OR you're exploring which Island to head over to then, I hope the following guidance could help you decide on Kuredu or not.

They weren't in in the slightest degree concerned about us as well as the horrific ordeal we experienced encountered, the fact we have been terrified for our life and what this guy may well do to us,

We satisfied with the general manager only to search out exactly the same amount of un empathetic and un sympathetic conduct who fundamentally in a great number of words instructed us that no one would do that for no explanation and that the attack need to have already been provoked. I am able to assure you that we surely under no circumstances provoked the vicious attack we encountered.

The seaplane journey is about 30-40 minutes towards the Kuredu Resort and on arrival in to the resort you will be greeted with conventional maldivian new music in addition to a refreshing cocktail and ice cold towel even though filling within your registration types. The provider is absolutely five* along with the staff members are so keen to be sure to.

Certainly should they heard my screaming for assist they must of listened to him screaming mimicking myself and my companion.

It would seem that you really did delight in the standard and assortment of foods, not only while in the buffet dining establishments but in any respect three a la Carte eating places at the same time.

The team are exceptional at this resort and Now we have frequented twice in the last 12 months they usually bear in mind us all the way down to the beverages that we had! Fantastic provider and they genuinely glimpse Once you." Holiday information: May possibly 2009, All Inclusive, Booked Independently

Kuredu is a significant island with an abundance of places to eat, bars, retailers and activities between them the initial golfing system in Maldives… our website

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